Friday, August 14, 2020
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What People Are Saying About IMANI

Imani makes the most reluctant learner come alive.... Betty Woods, Teacher Seaton Elementary, Washington, D.C. Imani delivers ‘the whole package’ - inspired educator, exquisite artist, intelligent partner and committed colleague.... Eric Booth, The Juilliard School of Music
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...An extraordinary vocalist and arts educator. She successfully uses her talent, personal cultural experiences, and knowledge to create a total learning environment for the audience.... Albert Maitland, CEO California Assembly of Local Arts Agencies (CALAA)
A passionate and gentle artist with a strong spirit and voice… Candy Schneider, The Smith Center for the Performing Arts Las Vegas, NV
It would be impossible to travel any journey without clear vision and a good set of directions. Imani is blessed with both. She brings us there on the crest of her creativity and passion.... Susan K. Oetgen, Clave Journal Latin American Folk Institute Her ‘World Cultural’ workshop was a huge hit with 100% of the participants. As one teacher said, “Imani’s stories and songs are unforgettable. They are still in my head and I can’t wait to incorporate them in my classroom.” Susana Browne, Education Director Maui Arts & Cultural Center, Hawaii
Over the past ten years Imani has worked her magic with our preschoolers affected with severe developmental delays and autism. Imani has a keen insight in working with our students with a very hands-on approach. She approaches each child individually, yet she can engage the children in a group activity. She is gentle, yet commands their attention. Imani has uncoveredmany hidden gifts in our children through music, and we are forever grateful. Maria Dudish, Education Coordinator Montgomery Primary Achievement Center (MPAC)
Imani awakens the children's senses of rhythm, appreciation of different cultural music and a general love of music... Linda Grodin, Director Walden Montessori Academy Bethesda, MD


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